How Different Levels of Consciousness Determine Political Behavior: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Political Warfare…
by Montfort S. Ray, J.D

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How I Became a Health Lawyer

“Your Honor wouldn’t recognize the law if the whole damn law library fell over on your pointed little head.”
–attorney Bill Moore

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One Court to Rule Them All?

The Court was never intended to have the final say on what is or is not constitutional. It was created by the states to give its opinion, and that opinion was to be respected to the extent that it was any good (i.e., well-reasoned and in accordance with the Constitution).

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Brave New Money: Bitcoin: The New Gold?

“Our founding fathers made gold America’s money because, like Bitcoin (digital money), gold is private, person-to-person and decentralized — all money, no bank. I believe the future of money is to combine them — gold-backed cryptocurrencies.”

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Your Duty to Bear Arms

“Let Mr. Madison tell me, when did Liberty ever exist when the sword and the purse were given up from the people? Unless a miracle shall interpose, no nation ever did, nor ever can retain its liberty after the loss of the sword and the purse.” — Patrick Henry

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Legal Dynamite

“For most of my career I was frustrated at having to practice law inside the Legal Matrix. During the early 1990s, I discovered what I call “real law,” America’s true but hidden legal system. Legal Dynamite is the story of my awakening. It is a legal “red pill.” Take it and you’ll see how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

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