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Natural Medicine

How I Became a Health Lawyer

Montfort S. Ray, J.D

Bill Moore - Health Lawyer

William Harry Moore, Jr. was a savage. He loved to fight.

He was a medic in World War II, until the enemy started shooting at him. Bill grabbed a rifle, sneaked up behind them and gunned down eight German soldiers.

Then he cut off their heads with his bayonet.

They say he had gone into some kind of altered state. The platoon leader sidled up to him and said “Easy now, Sergeant. We’re on your side.” Then he gently took Bill’s bayonet.

France gave him the Croix de Guerre (the equivalent of our Congressional Medal of Honor) for pulling several French soldiers out of a burning tank. Whenever Bill entered a restaurant, the French would jump to attention and salute. He never had to buy a drink for the rest of the war.

There was an M.D. after Bill’s name. He graduated from the University of Munich medical school (the U.S. Army paid his tuition) and became an excellent surgeon. However, Bill had wanted to be a lawyer ever since he attended a trial as a fourth grader, and when he returned to the U.S., he decided to practice law.

Bill never went to law school. Instead, he “read law” under the supervision of a couple of lawyers and then passed the bar exam. Being unburdened by a formal legal education, Bill was unusually creative and unorthodox. He became a legal maverick and a very successful one.

Bill’s specialty was attacking doctors – medical malpractice. He tried over 500 cases. Big cases.

A lot of Bill’s success was due to the fact that he was bipolar. In his heyday, he would go without sleep for weeks (yes, weeks) at a time investigating and preparing cases.

One day in 1981 Bill announced he was in the business of defending doctors. Not all doctors, only those who were totally committed to healing their patients. Most aren’t. Most are just mechanics.

After a couple of years, Bill Moore became one America’s greatest legal champions of natural medicine [sometimes known as alternative, complementary, integrative or real medicine].

In the summer of 1999 I needed his help. I had been hired by a naturopath who claimed he had a cure for cancer. He did have a cure. He was beating cancer like a drum.

My client was being hounded by the FDA for using an unapproved medicine. The agency didn’t care about whether he was actually curing cancer. “That’s irrelevant,” they said. “We’re just doing our job, Mr. Ray.” That’s good to know, y’all. It really is.

I was beginning to understand that even if my client could raise to life all the corpses in a cemetery, the FDA would never approve his medicine. The FDA isn’t a watchdog for the People; it’s a lapdog for the medical industrial complex.

I had heard of Bill’s reputation as a “health lawyer,” and I wanted to get his advice on how to handle this case. I made an appointment. I was surprised to learn that his office and home were only six blocks from where I grew up.

I drove to his mansion on Victory Drive, the most beautiful street in Savannah, Georgia, my home town. His beautiful wife Marjorie [now my beautiful wife – long story] met me at the front door and led me to the back of the house which was completely filled with cigarette smoke. After a few pleasantries, I asked Bill’s advice on how to approach the FDA.

He immediately sprang to his feet, pounded the kitchen table and roared. “Monte, the best way to handle this case, like any case, is to launch a fang-snapping offense that leaves your opponent rocking and rolling in misery!”

I was stunned that the old buzzard was still so ferocious. I said “Listen, Bill, shouldn’t I try to resolve the case first? I haven’t even spoken to the FDA agent. Why attack him before even discussing the case with him?”

I was concerned that Bill and I weren’t getting off on the right foot. He looked at me silently for a moment, and then said “Look, cap’n, the way you practice law is up to you. Personally, I’d rather hear a bureaucrat scream than a pretty girl sing. The trouble with you younger lawyers these days is that you don’t know how to properly insult anybody.”

I now understood how Bill Moore had become the Darth Vader of my profession, a man who drafted lawsuits in the harsh, accusatory language of the common law, and whose legal briefs often had to be printed on asbestos.

After another awkward silence, I tried to steer the conversation into calmer waters. “Hey, Bill, why the about-face from attacking doctors to defending them?”

As soon as I asked that question, a profound change came over Bill. I had apparently triggered an alter ego. This second personality was calm and patient and scholarly.

“Monte, it was because I learned about the Vis Medicatrix Naturae.”.

I laughed and said “Come on, Bill, I love Latin as much as the next lawyer, but what the hell is that?”

“Monte, let me tell you something. No doctor or medicine has ever healed anyone of anything. It’s the life force alone that heals, the Vis Medicatrix Naturae. The healing power of nature. Let me break that down for you - - - the healing (medicatrix) power (vis) of nature (naturae). This is a powerful energy which expresses through all life forms and heals all wounds -- physical, emotional and spiritual. The true healer’s job is to remove obstacles to the flow of the life force and then get the hell out of the way.”

As Bill began to describe the Vis Medicatrix Naturae, I began to slowly stand up. Instinctively, I recognized the importance of what was being given to me and its relevance to my journey.

Bill gave me a funny look and sat me back down. He continued to explain that there is a loving essence within us which wants to heal and uplift us, and that the rediscovery of this truth is revolutionizing modern medicine.

“Conventional medicine is not based on the life force,” Bill continued. “If it were, curing disease would be no big deal. The purpose of healthcare today is sickness management, not healing. If you heal a patient you lose an income stream.”

“But, Bill,” I protested, “what about all those diseases we used to have, like smallpox and polio and the bubonic plague. Medicine wiped them out, didn’t it?”

Suddenly Mr. Hyde was back, and Dr. Jekkyl was cowering in the corner. “Hell no! When vaccines came along, infectious diseases were already disappearing because of improved hygiene. For example, they never made a vaccine for bubonic plague. You know anybody who’s got the plague?

Most vaccines are as likely to give you the very disease they are designed to prevent. Also, most of them are contaminated. In the 1950’s the chance that your child would be autistic was 1 in 10,000. Today, it’s 1 in 100. It’s the mercury in the vaccines.

Monte, the Amish refuse to immunize their kids. They did this study on Amish children. They figured that, according to an incidence rate of 1 in 160, there ought to be 130 autistic Amish children. There were only four. One of them had been exposed to some manufacturing waste, and the other three had been vaccinated.”

Flabbergasted, I blurted out, “But what about the war on cancer, Bill? The CDC claims that a victory over cancer is right around the corner.”

Bill jumped up with blood in his eye. “War on cancer, my ass! There is no war on cancer. It’s a phony war. The cancer industry is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. Big Pharma doesn’t want to cure cancer. They’re making billions by peddling chemicals that cost them pennies.

About 500,000 Americans get chemotherapy every year, and very few of them get any benefit in terms of being “cured.” There’s a lot of talk about the tumor “shrinking” in “response” to the chemo, thereby putting the disease into “remission.” Remission almost always means a temporary abatement of cancer symptoms which usually return. Occasionally chemo will add a few more months of life, but that sure as hell isn’t a “cure,” particularly when the quality of life is so lousy.

Also, except for testicular cancer and certain lymphomas, you don’t even get a “response” from chemotherapy. For example, chemo has absolutely no effect on pancreatic or liver cancer, much less a curative one.

Conventional cancer therapy is the purest and sheerest quackery. A “quack” is someone who is medically incompetent, ignorant and/or fraudulent. With few exceptions, oncologists can’t cure cancer, they don’t want to know what does, and they don’t care that modern medicine has become the leading cause of death in this country.”

As a result, your chances of getting cancer are about 1 in 2 for men, and 1 in 3 for women. About one in four will die from it. It’s been that way ever since the war on cancer was declared by Nixon in 1971. The CDC points to a slight drop in the incidence of cancer in the 1990’s but that’s because of improved screening and earlier diagnosis. Also, there’s less smoking [I choked back a laugh] and more people are living cleaner and using alternative medicine. It has absolutely nothing to do with the efforts of the cancer industry because they have nothing to do with preventing or curing disease. That’s what alternative medicine is all about – prevention and real healing. Did you know that more people who pay cash for their healthcare choose alternative medicine over conventional?

The alternative doctors in our network have been very successful in curing cancer for most of their patients if they haven’t been too ravaged by chemotherapy and radiation. Jim Privitera, Stanislaw Burzynski, Dan Clark, Elmer Cranton, Harvey Biegelson, Bruce Halstead and Nick Gonzales are a few of those doctors.”

[Note: Nick Gonzales, who treats pancreatic cancer with pancreatic enzymes, claims that “more than 50% of our patients with stage IV pancreatic cancer do very well long-term, and by very well, I mean 7 or 8 years down the line.”

Dr. Burzynski uses biologically active peptides (antineoplastons) with great success on cancer of the brain, breasts, prostate, colon, lungs, ovaries and … liver. According to Dr. Burzynski, “[w]e now know that chemo will speed up the progress of liver cancer. There is no reason to use it. Scientific works have proven beyond any doubt that chemo is completely ineffective, yet doctors are using chemotherapy for liver cancer over and over again. Practically all patients with advanced liver cancer will die. But with our treatment, these liver tumors have disappeared in a matter of a couple of months, if you use the right combination of targeted therapy.” ]

Bill was really rolling now. “Modern medicine, known as allopathic medicine, says that we are victims of invading disease agents which should be attacked on the battleground of the patient’s body and driven out. Medicine is ritualized exorcism. The object is to cut, burn and poison the patient until the disease entity departs. The war on cancer is a great example. Cancer cells and tumors are the invaders, and chemotherapy and radiation are the weapons.

However, disease is not an alien invader from “out there.” You don’t “catch” cancer by bumping into a bug. Cancer patients grow their own cancers by providing a suitable “culture” or “terrain.”

All of us have cancer all the time. Each of us has millions of cancer cells that are easily handled by our immune system. Oncologists “diagnose” cancer only when the number or concentration of cancer cells becomes pronounced.

So, cancer is not the real disease. Cancer is just a symptom. There’s only one disease, although it has many faces, like diabetes, Parkinson’s, cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc. The only real disease is starvation.

All of the diseases that doctors diagnose are just symptoms of cellular starvation. Your cells are malfunctioning, and they’re creating cancer or diabetes or Parkinson’s or arteriosclerosis for one or more of the following reasons: 1) They aren’t getting the nutrients they need. 2) They aren’t getting the oxygen they need. 3) Toxins and poisons aren’t being carried away properly.

Think about it. Cancer is caused by cellular malfunction. What is one of the primary causes of cellular malfunction? Poison! What is chemotherapy and radiation? Poison! Oncology is carcinogenic. It’s creating as much cancer as it’s eliminating. You just can’t poison a sick person well.

Also, all diseases have another thing in common - - - they’re all energy diseases - - - the patient loses energy. The main purpose of cells is the production of ATP, the molecule that gives us energy. When cells can’t function properly, ATP production is impaired, and people get “sick.” They lose energy.

If you don’t like cancer, then create ways to deliver oxygen and food to your cells and remove the toxins and wastes that are gunking them up. The object is not to kill cancer cells, but to feed healthy cells. When you are healthy again, the cancer cells will vanish.

Trying to kill cancer cells is as futile as trying to kill pine beetles. Foresters regard pine beetles as a disease of trees, but their real disease is created by acid rain. The toxicity in rain has been poisoning and weakening the trees. Pine beetles are just doing their job of scavenging and eating weakened, diseased pine trees.

Just like that, you grow your own diseases. Tumors and germs (bugs) generally don’t come around you until you smell good to them, and “good” means “sick.”.

There are many non-toxic ways to cure cancer: aloe, fresh juices, mega-nutrition, chelation, ozone, hyperthermia, laetrile, detoxification and sunlight. The reason they work so well is that they feed and cleanse the body at the cellular level, thereby supporting the 800-pound gorilla of healing – the Vis Medicatrix Naturae.

The best way to treat disease is to cooperate with the life force by cleaning and feeding your body, and then getting the hell out of the way. But today’s medicine makes war on disease symptoms. That’s partly because it sees disease as an invader, and partly because fighting disease with high-tech procedures, tests, surgery and pharmaceutical drugs makes the industry a lot more money.

Making war on disease just doesn’t work. It’s a lousy way to heal and it injures the patient. Chemotherapy and radiation blow out the immune system, leaving the patient alive, but with a poor quality of life.”

“Advanced cases are another matter,” Bill growled. “Radiation and chemo may shrink some large tumors and give the patient a few more months or even a year to live. But, be smart with the chemo. Use smaller doses and potentize them with, say, insulin or laetrile, which drive the chemo into the cancer cells. You kill more cancer without crippling the immune system.

Listen, Monte, I’m not saying we ought to junk modern medicine. There will always be a place for surgery, pharmaceutical drugs and emergency medicine for treating trauma and advanced illness, like debulking tumor mass and helping an overwhelmed immune system.

Real medicine is integrative medicine --- the best of conventional and alternative medicine. I like the motto of the old Association of Eclectic Physicians --- “Whatever Works!”

The Apprentice

I left Bill’s home that day with a sprained brain. It took me a few days to sort things out. When I recovered, I knew I had to go back for more.

I realized very clearly from our first meeting that an important phase of my life was about to begin. All of my professional life I had searched, largely in vain, for a way to practice law to help others and to make the world a better place. And Bill had been searching for a lawyer to whom he could pass on his knowledge of medicine, healing and law. We were a perfect fit.

Also, the Vis Medicatrix Naturae, the life force, was a perfect fit spiritually for me because I had already been working with it -- for 50 years.

I know that deep within us there is a common source of all life, and that this source is where life is most alive, vital and powerful. More importantly, it’s possible to contact this source and thereby increase one’s own level of aliveness.

I do it with meditation. Are you ready for this?

As of October 1, 2018, I have meditated twice a day for 49 years (about 1½ hours per day). That’s 35,770 meditations lasting a total of 26,827 hours. That’s over 1117 days in meditation --– almost exactly three years. That’s a lot of time with your eyes closed, sportsfans!

No matter how rough things get in my life, when I come out of meditation, I’m refreshed, happier, clearer and more energetic. I’m more alive. In fact, that’s what “source” is to me – pure aliveness.

My understanding of the life force gradually transformed how I practiced law and lived my life. I came to understand that healing encompasses every area of human endeavor and expression.

Whether you’re in the doctoring business or the lawyering business, you’re really in the healing business. The purpose of both law and medicine is to heal wounds, whether in the form of physical disease or social conflict. Like thousands of my colleagues, I instinctively work for a resolution which all parties are satisfied with. I’m not always successful, and some disputes need to be fought out. But I try.

Over the next couple of years Bill taught me to become a “health lawyer,” representing doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, and other alternative practitioners, before medical boards, the FDA, etc. When I wasn’t practicing law, I was in Bill’s conference room in Savannah where he lectured me on law and medicine.

Bill Moore didn’t talk like a normal person. He growled. When he got worked up he would roar and pound the table. During his bipolar manic phases, he was a man on fire.

Bill would wear me out every day. We’d usually begin at noon. I listened, asked an occasional question and made notes. Around midnight he’d let me go, my eyes smarting from cigarette smoke.

After a couple of years of this collaboration, Bill was starting to repeat himself, a sign of his advancing age and my ability to retain most of what he had to teach. I was becoming a knowledgeable citizen of the world of alternative health.

Around the middle of 2002, toward the end of my “apprenticeship,” Bill and I decided to organize an alternative medical clinic near Savannah. We called it the New Paradigm Health Center. Our goal was to create a new healthcare model. We had arranged for the donation of around 300 acres of land, and we assembled a group of dedicated healers who would spearhead the project. Let me tell you about a few of these guys.

Bill, of course, was the leader, a master of both law and medicine. Marjorie Moore, Bill’s wife, was a real player in her own right. Marjorie is the best medical researcher and paralegal on the planet, and she’s the only one of us who could really stand up to Bill and back him down.

Steve Haltiwanger, MD, is a board-certified neuro-psychiatrist from Valdosta, Georgia who prescribed nutritional supplements (instead of pharmaceuticals) for his patients. Many of them got better so fast that they left their mental hospitals and nursing homes and went home. Those very institutions (and some of his fellow psychiatrists) complained to the medical board! Long story short, Dr. Haltiwanger was run out of town by his own profession for being too good a healer. Medicine is big business, and Steve was bad for business.

Tom Brissey. Tom was a top fighter pilot in Viet Nam. When he returned home he decided to become a doctor. In medical school he asked his instructors why there were no courses on nutrition and herbs. He also protested that pharmaceutical drugs didn’t cure but were only palliative. As a result, he was often called on the carpet for his “misbehavior.” Eventually, he told them to “shove it.” Tom then became a chiropractor, a profession more in alignment with his commitment to natural healing. Tom was the best chiropractor I have ever known, and I’ve known many.

This brings us to Dr. Mike Cargile, a chiropractor, acupuncturist, chemist, martial artist and master of Chinese medicine. He’s also a male “Erin Brockovich”. He tirelessly educates the public about the misdeeds of corporations in South Georgia who have been polluting the Floridan aquifer. Cargile says he gets his inspiration from his mother who has developed Alzheimer’s from drinking the water. Mike says the villains have made several attempts on his life.

All of us were really stoked about opening the clinic. We were raring to go. Our motto was …

“You say I’ve got cancer, Doc? What a relief!
I thought it might be something serious.”

Then my world was blown apart!

Bill inhaled some toxic fumes from a burning rubber chair cushion, and he became very sick. He checked into a hospital. He had to be real sick to do that. Bill hated hospitals. He died there the next day, August 15, 2002.

I was so stunned. For days I just went through the motions of living. All my life I had searched for a mentor like Bill. Now he was gone.

That was the easy part. Then the bottom really fell out.

A few days later, my beloved wife, Cathy, was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. I was about to find out how serious cancer can be. The following year would be the challenge of my life. Like they said in the movie, “The Matrix,”

“Buckle your seat belt, Dorothy, ‘cause Kansas is going bye-bye.”


[1] Naturopathy has been defined as “the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human injuries, ailments and disease by the use of such physical forces as air, light, water, vibration, heat, electricity, hydrotherapy, psychotherapy, dietetics or massage, and the administration of botanical and biological drugs.”  Tennessee Code Annotated 63-6-205.

[1] Suzanne Somers, Knockout, Interviews with Doctors Who are Curing Cancer (New York: Crown Publishing Group, 2009), p. 90.
[1] Ibid., p. 72.

[1] According to one alternative practitioner whom Bill respected,
[c]uring cancer has little to do with getting rid of a group of detectable cancer cells.  Treatment like chemotherapy and radiation are certainly capable of poisoning or burning many cancer cells, but they also destroy healthy cells in the bone marrow, gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, etc., which often leads to permanent irreparable damage of entire organs and systems in the body.  A real cure of cancer does not occur at the expense of destroying other vital parts of the body.


Each year, hundreds of thousands of people who were once “successfully” treated for cancer die from infections, heart attacks, liver failure, kidney failure and other illnesses because the cancer treatments generate a massive amount of inflammation and destruction in the organs and systems of the body.  Of course, these causes of death are not being attributed to cancer.  This statistical omission makes it appear we are making progress in the war against cancer.  However, many more people are dying from the treatment of cancer than from cancer.  A real cure for cancer is achievable only when the causes of excessive growth of cancer cells have been removed or stopped.

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